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HALO Founder, Dr. Ernest Brown

2am house calls. Work visits. Backstage distress calls. Hospital overnighters.

If you know Doctors to You, you know quality concierge medicine isn't just what we do. It's who we are. From humble beginnings over a decade ago, the Doctors to You family has blossomed into the DMV's number one rated concierge medicine service-- because we put a premium on providing a client experience like no other.

Now, at the request of our beloved clients, we're expanding that experience.

Introducing HALO for individuals.

Enjoy full, personal medical treatment as often as you need it, for one affordable monthly price, with no strings attached. It's that simple!

When you subscribe to the DTY HALO plan, you unlock all the benefits of our typical five star service-- without the hassle of paying after every visit. And, most importantly, you ensure a provider will be there within minutes when you need them.

Think of it as on-demand for service that's already speedy. And if you ask us, things can't get much better than that.

affordable care whenever you need it

With a service model based on providing quality, top notch care whenever our clients need it most, some might ask what makes HALO so different than DTY's traditional service. Through HALO, your monthly subscription covers everything in advance. That means no paperwork after recovery. No insurance forms to fill out. And no reaching into your pocketbook to pay after treatment. Sit back. Relax. And enjoy doing absolutely nothing.

peace of mind that doesn't come at a price

Accidents happen. With HALO, not only are you covered-- but, unlike traditional insurance, which only pays for service-- you're cared for, followed up with, referred through, and completely taken care of from start to finish. It's our usual serving of five star medical concierge service-- with an extra dose of easy-ness.

concierge medicine that moves like you do

When you join any HALO subscription plan, you'll unlock access to much more than just the DMV's best concierge medical service. Through our patient app, you can say hello to personalized care at your fingertips. No matter if it's recounting whether you already got a physical this year or requesting a prescription refill, your HALO subscription means instant access to dozens of metrics, request options, and even discounts!

Explore concierge medicine, on demand.

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HALO Founder, Dr. Ernest Brown

39 trillion. That's the number of potentially harmful bacterial germs thriving on just one human body on any given day. Take a workspace with anywhere from two to two hundred employees, and that number gets a whole lot bigger.

As a business owner and decision maker, you understand the value of taking good care of your employees. Unfortunately, for years, you've had to do that whilst contending with one of the most volatile, cutthroat, unpredictable markets in the business ownership landscape: employee healthcare.

It's no surprise that benefits like employee healthcare continue to rank among the most important factors for employees when considering leaving or accepting a position. What is surprising, however, is that many companies still have little to no say in the healthcare plans they provide for their employees-- that is, if they want to keep their bottom lines. For many, it is--and always has been-- a tossup between price and quality of service.

Until now.

Introducing HALO-- a medical service that caters to you wherever you are, whenever you need us. Designed for innovative businesses that want more for their employees, the HALO model pairs your company and its employees up with a licensed physician that travels to your place of business to provide instant, efficient care, whenever it's needed.

Imagine less sick days. Imagine your team enjoying complete, personalized medical care and followup without the wait. Imagine truly immediate treatment on your schedule, at a location that's convenient for you -- not someone else. Then imagine saving thousands on healthcare by paying one flat rate per employee, with no limit on medical visits, requests, referrals, or consultations.

Welcome to HALO for businesses. Now discover it.


Designed with the very best for the very most in mind, HALO for businesses seeks to do one thing: change the status quo of healthcare for the masses. We do this by treating each individual holistically-- spending as much time assessing the root of illness or injury as we do making things better.


With a team of physicians, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants available around the clock, HALO for businesses is one model that never stops getting better. By providing response times that are mere minutes, an app that keeps employees abreast of their treatment process, and direct communication with the medical team even after treatment, team members have just one thing to worry about: healing.


With a flat-rate model based on the number of employees instead of the amount of coverage needed, you'll save thousands when compared to traditional health plans. Or, for the best of both worlds, pair our affordable HALO plan with a lower premium, higher deductible traditional plan. either way, HALO lets you enjoy the best in coverage and savings... guaranteed.

Explore concierge medicine for your business.